Bad Chemicals

I had bad chemicals this evening, very messy…

APO (1 of 1)-31 APO (1 of 1)-32 APO (1 of 1)-33 APO (1 of 1)-34 APO (1 of 1)-35 APO (1 of 1)-36 APO (1 of 1)-37




APO (1 of 1)-19

APO (1 of 1)-20



February here on the Isle of Man always coincides with the years biggest spring tides. This year however, with coincidental winds battering the East coast they were far higher than usual, causing bad flooding to our harbour side Towns from Ramsey  right down to Port St. Mary.

I wasted a load of film on high tides, but the real magic is on the big spring lows, you get to walk on places that no human has ever walked.