a year in the life

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…. we tied some Foxdale spirit flags to a small conifer at Barrule Beg outside  South Barrule Plantation and returned one year later. We managed to find the flags, untangle and free them to the wind once more.

good morning

Contax T2, Fuji Pro 400H


Returned home from a great long weekend in Glasgow. In a city where 95% of the year its raining we were treated to some great weather and shot a load of film over the four days, which i’ve just sent off for processing this morning.

We decided to stay in a different hotel each night which in hindsight was a bit of a pain but more importantly it was worth it as made us get our stuff together earlier and see a lot more than maybe we would have if we just stayed in the same place nursing our hangovers.

Fraser Suites on Albion Street in Merchant city, was a large studio apartment type layout and cheapest of the three at £65, no breakfast but good value and location. We then moved to the Grasshopper Hotel on Union Street near Central Station. At £95 per night it was the most expensive, probably a bit over priced to be honest but the fantastic view over the roof of the equally fantastic Central Station made up for it. For our last night we stayed at the Citizen M Hotel on Renfrew Street, a modern boutique type hotel but not at all pretentious. Very modern but small rooms but with big views across the city on the 7th floor. With lots of iMacs, a lively bar/restaurant, living room style areas with cool furniture and at £78 including breakfast this was a bit of a bargain and definitely recommended.

Friday night we randomly ended up in the Tron Theatre to see the excellent Waterproof/From Paisley to Paolo. Saturday was lunch at the excellent Stravaigin, with friends I havent seen since 1998, followed by night action at the Sub Club for some elderly dance type moves ( or rather random jerk type twitching and skipping ) amongst the yougsters.

In between we saw some nice brilliant photographs at the GoMA by Alan Dimmick , and the excellent work by artist Adrian Wiszniewski  at Glasgow Print Studio and Transmission Gallery.

Also, must give an unusual positive shout to the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company for the excellent logistics and price with boat/rail/coach link to Lancaster station then on to Glasgow – although ironically its all come about by the Ben-My-Chree being in dry dock getting fixed…

Photographs soon come….