Archibald Otten touched down on this Earth June 18th 2014. We’re all pretty damn chuffed with ourselves….

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February here on the Isle of Man always coincides with the years biggest spring tides. This year however, with coincidental winds battering the East coast they were far higher than usual, causing bad flooding to our harbour side Towns from Ramsey  right down to Port St. Mary.

I wasted a load of film on high tides, but the real magic is on the big spring lows, you get to walk on places that no human has ever walked.

Unsound Festival, Krakow.

I’ve been meaning to check the Unsound Festival for the last couple years, fortunately every thing aligned this year to enable Magda and I to check it out.

Unsound is pretty much like no other festival out there at the moment in my opinion, the only thing that comes close in comparison was the Triptych Festival from a number of years ago, last held in 2008 in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

The difference between these and traditional idea of a music festival (in a field with thousands of not very like minded people) is that Unsound is held in a city with lots of events simultaneously going on in various locations and venues. Its the nature and quality of these events that seems to attract very like minded people, which is refreshing to say the least.

Unsound is whole weeks worth of forward thinking music, art and discussion, a lot of it is very specialised and niche, yes – but, if you’re open, then you’ll find some wonderful and unexpected experiences. I will be making the trip again in 2014 for sure.

Highlights for us were many…  Sound recordist and ex Cabaret Voltaire member Chris Watson had a wonderful sound installation in Krakow’s 200 year old Jagiellonian University Botanical Gardens, more info here. Infact the Gardens are well worth a visit on their own…

….and a special mention to the many great talks from artists at Bunkier Sztuki during the day from the likes of Underground Resistance, Svengalistghost, Richard Mosse et all, the Polish label forums and showcases, the heavy, late Nights at Hotel Forum, Robert Richs’ sleep concert, the late night Interference film season, Mullholland Drive Clinic and so much more.

So, this is a photo blog, what about the photographs ? Well, as part of Unsound ‘Interference’ theme cameras were banned at all the events, which I thought worked brilliantly  and was a refreshing change that you only really noticed in hindsight.

Of course I took a camera, the Contax T2. Here’s a few images from in and around Krakow.








Warta River, Poznan.


Just got a roll of film back that I shot during our trip to the Unsound Festival in Krakow – lurking at the start of it was this lone shot of the Warta River in Poznan from our previous Poland trip, its been a very Polish year with three trips in total….

Write up on the Unsound festival to follow tomorrow.

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