Bad Chemicals

I had bad chemicals this evening, very messy…

APO (1 of 1)-31 APO (1 of 1)-32 APO (1 of 1)-33 APO (1 of 1)-34 APO (1 of 1)-35 APO (1 of 1)-36 APO (1 of 1)-37



Another move



Hello WordPress, how are you ? It’s been a while.

I’ve recently moved house for the 3rd time in three years – I don’t have roots so it’s pretty easy for me to be honest.

I’m going to try and use this blog for photographs ¬†plus some words that will hopefully form sentences ( i’m tired today )…….. unlike my Tumblr blog which i’m just going to post BIG scans of my more recent stuff.

More to come.

Toodle Pip

August 23



…the weather is rubbish and my cameras are full of half finished ISO100. Here’s a few randoms that were kicking around my HD.

Shortly we’re off to Bilbao then a little camping trip to the Basque Country coast ¬†– hopefully there will be sun….

stand and deliver



Stand Development – now that’s my sort developing. Water straight from the tap, a few drops of developer, go make a curry or drink a bottle of wine for an hour, fix and wash with soapy water, hang to dry somewhere and scan.

All my black & white will be done this way from now on. Rodinal and Ilford Rapid Fixer were used for the above photographs.