Being Human

So, 2013, will go down as a good year in my little book.

The year Magda and I decided to try for a baby.

I’m so happy to say that we’re going to be introducing a human being to this world next Summer.

Happy New Year everyone x

APO (1 of 1)-11

APO (1 of 1)-12


David ‘Butch’ Buttery

Butch Buttery by apotten
Butch Buttery, a photo by apotten on Flickr.


Last month we had my girlfriend’s Sister Renata and her two friends staying with us for a week, fortunately we were blessed with this fantastic weather for their stay.

Local ‘celebrity chef’ (ahem) was kind enough to come round and cook a huge lump of Hake for us one evening – what a brilliant evening it turned out to be. Here he is in full flow…




So we managed to get to August before our first barbecue of the year, yes the weather has been shit and this night wasn’t really an exception but, we had amazing food prepared by Cian and Darren at the fantastic house of Cian’s Father Reg.

We’re off to Festival No.6 at Portmeirion in Wales ( of 60’s series Prisoner fame, hence the No.6 context ) in a couple of weeks then to Bilbao for a couple of Guggenheim and food days followed by a camping trip to the Basque coast.

Lots of photos to post but i’m scanning everything now and theres a bit of a back log to say the least…

The first photo above was taken by Magda on her Kowa Six which I have to say i’m liking a lot lately especially with the Stand Dev thing at home.