Archibald Otten touched down on this Earth June 18th 2014. We’re all pretty damn chuffed with ourselves….

Archie Otten





APO (1 of 1)-19

APO (1 of 1)-20



February here on the Isle of Man always coincides with the years biggest spring tides. This year however, with coincidental winds battering the East coast they were far higher than usual, causing bad flooding to our harbour side Towns from Ramsey  right down to Port St. Mary.

I wasted a load of film on high tides, but the real magic is on the big spring lows, you get to walk on places that no human has ever walked.

Marseille Nights











We’re just back from the South of France, Berlin and Poland. During the first week in France we moved between Nice and Marseille. The collection above is from an evening when Magda and I took a bottle of wine for a walk in and around Marseille harbour…

It’s the one black & white film from eight  we shot over the holiday, developed my self last night (Rodinal, Stand Developed with cold tap water for an hour) while we wait for the colour stuff to arrive.

More to follow




So we managed to get to August before our first barbecue of the year, yes the weather has been shit and this night wasn’t really an exception but, we had amazing food prepared by Cian and Darren at the fantastic house of Cian’s Father Reg.

We’re off to Festival No.6 at Portmeirion in Wales ( of 60’s series Prisoner fame, hence the No.6 context ) in a couple of weeks then to Bilbao for a couple of Guggenheim and food days followed by a camping trip to the Basque coast.

Lots of photos to post but i’m scanning everything now and theres a bit of a back log to say the least…

The first photo above was taken by Magda on her Kowa Six which I have to say i’m liking a lot lately especially with the Stand Dev thing at home.